'it is now not you, bill, it is the u . S .': is that this election Australia's Trump or Brexit second?

‘it is now not you, bill, it is the u . S .’: is that this election Australia’s Trump or Brexit second?

On Saturday night in an airport motel in Essendon Fields, is the birthday celebration from hell.

The lady checking my call off the list around 8pm is angry and crying and pronouncing, “I don’t get it, we went in with guidelines, they went in with not anything.”

Inner it’s miles awful. This is meant to be invoice Shorten’s victory birthday party, but the electricity is heavy – as if some trauma had taken location and a awesome surprise changed into being absorbed. Internal no one is speakme, and if they’re, it is quietly and includes references to franking credits.

Below the room’s sickly crimson lighting fixtures, there are trays of cakes with tiny hard work flags, that as the night wore on most effective appeared to mock the territory now not seized. A few of the birthday celebration trustworthy have a drink in each hand, and are joylessly getting pissed.

Later human beings are openly sobbing whilst Shorten receives up to talk. Nobody is consoling everyone, due to the fact anyone right here seems to be in the center in their personal particular and terrible ache.

Shorten says he did his first-class and tried his hardest – and a person shouts out from the group, “It’s not you bill, it’s the u . S ..”

It’s the us of a.

It’s no longer Morrison, it’s no longer the Liberals, it’s not the policies, it’s not Queensland, it’s not Dutton. It’s the country that’s rotten.

The call from the ground chilled me to the center. This is it, I notion. That is the hardening of the arteries, the cleaving of the usa in , the issue that Australia has in large part avoided up to now.

In those countries, part of the national trauma become the realisation that one a part of the united states became so sick-acquainted with the opposite element. Residents stopped understanding each other. The polls were given it incorrect, the media were given it wrong, humans have been so siloed in their very own tribes and social media bubbles that the other facet prevailing felt like a profound shock. Adore it wasn’t intended to occur. The falcon couldn’t listen the falconer and all that. And in the ones international locations, it’s handiest gotten worse. Part of the harm within the years due to the fact has been the hardening of the traces and divisions among those tribes, among crimson and blue.

Thru the night time, texts came in from humans I recognise, echoing the sentiment. Their fury turned into not with the Liberals however with Australia. That their fellow residents had chosen their funding houses over weather motion.

There had continually been the notion that such a schism couldn’t occur in Australia. If anything, we gravitate toward the center, and for years each Liberal and exertions had such comparable services that it infrequently regarded to matter who turned into governing. But this election became exclusive. There has been a clean choice about the destiny, and for the many people inside the room on Saturday night time, the fact that their vision for Australia’s destiny was now not affirmed, made them experience estranged and alienated from their very own united states.

More youthful volunteers I spoke with – those that have the most to lose (the weather, the natural world) – said that the marketing campaign did not move hard sufficient to the left. This too jogged my memory of america and the UK within the aftermath of Brexit and Trump.

Out of doors it changed into freezing. The party become close to the airport and the resort become ringed by using highways and stuck the bloodless winds. It changed into miles from anywhere. A man in a fit was outside speaking into his phone and crying: “This country’s breaking my heart,” he said.

I couldn’t endure to move again inner.

Sunday morning and that i’m speaking to my dad about Hawkie and this usa.

“Are we doomed? Are we much like all the other international locations where one half of hates the other 1/2’s guts?” I requested my dad.

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